How to make bagel bread

Bagels are excellent for spreads. You have a wide range of options when it comes to adding flavors to your bagel. You can include peanut butter, poppy seeds, onions, veggies, and other ingredients and flavors to provide your own unique taste.

If you are looking to make the bagel food for your family meal, below is a quick guide to help you do it right.

Preparation process

Contrary to what some people believe, bagels are really simple to prepare. Yes, you may feel the boiling process is a little strange, but it’s all in the process of making it look tastier and crunchy.

Before doing any other thing, heat a little amount of water and put your rolled bagel in it. Leave it for about 3 minutes before removing in preparation for baking. Below are the basic steps to take when preparing a bagel

Mix all ingredients

Mix the yeast, sugar, salt, water, flour, and any other ingredient you want to add. Knead and keep the dough for about 40 minutes to rise. You can mix and knead the ingredients with a hand, a heavy duty mixer, a food processor, or a bread machine.

Roll the dough into the right shape and create a hole in the bagel. Keep the dough for another 30 minutes to rise for the second time.

Boil the bagel for about 2 minutes. Now remove from water and bake to the required level or until the bagel becomes golden brown.

The above is a simple method of preparing your bagel. You can add other ingredients or flavors to make yours unique and tastier. Do not be worried when the bagel taste from your first attempt is not as good as the ones you buy regularly. With time you will get better and start feeling like a pro.