History of Bagel

It may surprise you that your favorite bakery product has a long history that dates back a few centuries ago. Yes, Bagel is one of the oldest breakfast foods in North America, but it actually comes from Poland.

The staple breakfast meal is a popular breakfast food that has its origin in Poland in the 17th century. When it was first made in their Jewish communities, it was initially molded by hand and made to form a ring. The name “Bagel” was derived from “beygal”, a German Yishish word that means bracelet or ring. This is because of its ring design.

The design

Its common ring design has been this way since it was first made but the bread is now available in different flavors. Apart from the benefit of ensuring an evenly cooked bagel, the small hole at the center of bagel provides easier handling for those displaying them for sale.

Bagel now a staple food in the US

These days, they have become a staple breakfast in the US and other parts of Europe. Although it still maintains the same shape it was originally made, there has been a lot of improvement in its cooking. Present day bagels are first boiled for a few minutes before they are properly baked in an oven or a grill. This makes them chewy and dense for consumption.

Varieties of Bagel

There are several other varieties of this staple breakfast food in the US and other European countries. They are available in different flavors, both frozen and fresh. Bagel has even found its way to Japan and Asia. It was brought to Japan by BagelK, a New York-based company. The company created different flavors of the food for the Japan market such as red onion, tomato, capers, and cheese cream.