Bagel vs Donut – What is their difference?

Donuts and bagels are one of the most popular staple breakfasts both in the US and the UK. They are similar in shape, which explains why a lot of people confuse the two.

They may look alike because they both have holes through them. But they are really different due to their toppings and way of preparation. If you are wondering how these two are different, below are some points for you.

They differ in the preparation method

A bagel is made from strong dough made with bread flour or high-gluten flour. Before any other thing is done, the dough is initially fashioned with a little hole at the center. Then it is submerged in water and boiled for a few minutes to gelatinize the fat present in the dough. The main reason behind this boiling is to give the bagel a chewy and crisp texture. And that’s its major difference from a doughnut. After boiling the bagels, they are kept in the grill or oven for few more minutes at 3000 F until the bagel becomes crunchy.

But for donuts, preparation is slightly different. Unlike bagels, donuts are made with softer dough. Before the donut is prepared, the dough needs to be leavened using yeast. Then you can bake them using the grill or oven without boiling them.

Donuts and bagels have different toppings too. While donuts are filled with crème or jelly with different types of flavors (like maple, lemon, blueberry, chocolate, etc), bagels do have a wide variety of coatings such as garlic, poppy seeds, or sesame seeds. Overall, the differences between these two are not much, and you may not be able to tell the difference if you have not tasted two of them.