Unlike beef and pork, turkey is a mild meat that doesn’t require extreme level of temperature to smoke. When done properly, it’s probably the most delicious smoked meat. There are different methods of preparing turkey, but each method follows similar process, whether in an electric smoker or in a charcoal smoker. The following electric smoker recipe is very easy to follow, and it produces super flavorful taste when done.

These ingredients will add more flavor to the prepared turkey

1 ½ lb of whole turkey

Ingredients for dry brine

  • 1 tablespoon orange zest
  • ½ tablespoon black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2/3 cup kosher salt

Ingredients for the rub

  • 1 tsp thyme
  • 1 tsp sage
  • ½ tsp fresh rosemary
  • ½ tsp oregano
  • ½ tsp onion powder
  • ¼ tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • ½ cup melted butter


  • Take a medium size bowl and mix the orange zest, black pepper, brown sugar, and kosher salt. Coat the mixture on the turkey, making sure every area if properly covered. Refrigerate the turkey for 10-20 hours. Then rinse the rub and dry the turkey.
  • Combine salt, lemon juice, and melted butter in a small bowl. Coat the turkey with the mixture, this time, concentrating under the skin at the breast section. Your turkey is now ready for the smoker.
  • Heat your Masterbuilt smoker to a heat level of 2500F – 2750 Smoke until the meat temperature reaches about 1650F.
  • Generally, the smoking time will depend on the outdoor temperature, the type of charcoal or electric smoker, and the size of the turkey.

If you are using one of the best electric smokers, it will be easier for you to control the temperature. In addition, you still need to get a meat probe for checking the doneness of the meat if you don’t have one.


Generally, a charcoal smoker is a lot more difficult to use when controlling temperature compared to an electric smoker. Even if you’re using the best charcoal smoker, you will still find temperature control more stressful.

If you are cooking with charcoal smoker, temperature control could be the most vital skills to master.  It is very easy to overcook your meat if you fail to maintain the right temperature. But you could fare better if you can understand how the whole temperature control stuff works.

How to control temperature in a charcoal smoker

If you have an electric smoker like there could be one of the best type of electric smokers including Masterbuilt or Bradley electric smoker, you may find it pretty straightforward to control the temperature.  But with a charcoal smoker, you need to be more vigilant.

You need to keep it steady

To be able to successfully smoke meat, a steady smoking temperature is important. Most types of smoked food require a heating temperature of 225°F – 275°F. so, your task it to try and maintain this range for the entire smoking time.

Adjust the intake dampers

The best charcoal smokers have adjustable intake dampers.  The problem is, knowing when to adjust the damper. Understand how fast the temperature is rising. If it rises faster, you are most likely going to adjust frequently.

Understand that other factors can affect the temperature

Weather, meat cut, and the type of smoker all have their respective contributions to the actual temperature levels.  Generally, it will take time for your smoker to reach the desired temperature level in a cold humid condition.  Cold weather prevents the smoker from retaining heat for longer period. This means you need to add woodchips more frequently.

But if you want to minimize your work on the charcoal smoker, you can always buy an automatic thermometer to help with temperature control.

If you are ready to make great memories, get yourself a bag of Doritos. They are flavored tortilla chips from an American brand by Frito Lay since 1964. Salt, vegetable oil and ground corn are the basic ingredients contained in the chips.  The flavor can vary depending on the ingredients.

Some barbeque Doritos flavors contain protein ingredients like milk and cheese which makes them non-vegetarian. Cool Ranch and Nacho cheese are the most common non-vegetarian flavors. Spicy Nacho, taco and salsa Verde are other non-vegetarian Doritos flavors. Vegetarian Doritos flavors include spicy sweet chili and blaze flavor.

Some of the successful Doritos Flavors      

  • Nacho cheese

They are crunchy cheesy flavored chips. ingredient include; vegetable oil, calcium hydroxide, selected corn, milk ingredients which are gluten-free and seasoning (salt, onion powder, buttermilk, corn flavor, tomato powder, lactic acid, citric acid, garlic powder, skim milk, cheddar cheese,  Romano cheese, whey, monosodium glutamate, red and green bell pepper powder, disodium inosinate, whey protein concentrate, disodium guanylate)

  • Cool ranch

With a lot of seasoning in cool ranch, it is one of the best crunchy chips with cool ranch flavor.  Its ingredient includes vegetable oil, whole corn, tomato powder, corn starch,  onion powder, buttermilk, cheddar cheese, sugar garlic powder, malic acid, sodium acetate, natural and artificial flavors, monosodium glutamate, dextrose, citric acid, disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate.

  • Salsa Verde

They are non-cholesterol and non-fat Doritos. Ingredients include vegetable oil, tomato powder, dextrose, corn, vinegar,  garlic, citric acid, paprika, monosodium glutamate, natural and artificial flavors, corn syrup solids, artificial color, maltodextrin, spices, salt, pepper powder.

  • Taco

This was the second flavor in tortilla chips released in 1967. A few times over the years taco Doritos changed a couple of times.  They contain a lot of spices and a deep flavor. Ingredients include vegetable oil, monosodium glutamate, corn, flour, flavoring and spices, torula yeast, cocoa.

Benefits of Doritos

  • They are very satisfactory in taste when one needs sugar, fat, and salt all in one.
  • One doesn’t have to take their time preparing them or cooking them. They are ready-made.
  • They are great munchies.

Donuts and bagels are one of the most popular staple breakfasts both in the US and the UK. They are similar in shape, which explains why a lot of people confuse the two.

They may look alike because they both have holes through them. But they are really different due to their toppings and way of preparation. If you are wondering how these two are different, below are some points for you.

They differ in the preparation method

A bagel is made from strong dough made with bread flour or high-gluten flour. Before any other thing is done, the dough is initially fashioned with a little hole at the center. Then it is submerged in water and boiled for a few minutes to gelatinize the fat present in the dough. The main reason behind this boiling is to give the bagel a chewy and crisp texture. And that’s its major difference from a doughnut. After boiling the bagels, they are kept in the grill or oven for few more minutes at 3000 F until the bagel becomes crunchy.

But for donuts, preparation is slightly different. Unlike bagels, donuts are made with softer dough. Before the donut is prepared, the dough needs to be leavened using yeast. Then you can bake them using the grill or oven without boiling them.

Donuts and bagels have different toppings too. While donuts are filled with crème or jelly with different types of flavors (like maple, lemon, blueberry, chocolate, etc), bagels do have a wide variety of coatings such as garlic, poppy seeds, or sesame seeds. Overall, the differences between these two are not much, and you may not be able to tell the difference if you have not tasted two of them.

Bagels Recipe

If you love the crisp and crunchy nature of bagel, you would want to have a taste of one of its best home baked bagel. This recipe is simple to prepare and will be ready quite on time to enjoy your lunch.  Below is a home-baked bagel recipe you can try.


  • 1 egg white
  • 2 quarts of water
  • Bread flour (3 ½ cups)
  • Salt (½ ounce)
  • Sugar (1½ ounces)
  • 2 packets of yeast
  • 1 ½ cups of water
  • Sesame seeds
  • Garlic or dried onion
  • Raisins
  • Cinnamon

Note: You mustn’t have all these ingredients to make your tasty. Things like cinnamon, raisins, and sesame seeds are optional. So, if you don’t have them your baked bagel will still taste great.


  • Pour sugar and yeast into a warm water and leave for about 3 minutes
  • Sprinkle a little amount of salt into 2 cups of flour and stir properly in a bowl. After stirring, pour it into the yeast mixture and stir again. If you have raisins and cinnamon, add them into the mixture.
  • Once thick enough rub or press the mixture smoothly on a surface as you occasionally add more flour to get the desired texture.
  • Then keep the dough into a large greased bowl and cover until it rises. Remove and share the dough into 12 different rolls.
  • Open the dough at the center with a thrust of your thumb. Afterward, preheat your grill or stove to about 3400 F to get it ready for baking.
  • Use cookie sheets to wrap the dough and keep for about 8 minutes. Then put about 3 shaped bagels in the heated water. Turn the bagels after a minute to get the desired baking result.
  • When they are shiny and golden brown, you can remove and place the next set. After baking all the bagels, place them in a large bowl and allow them to cool before serving with any other sauce of your choice.

There are different types of smoked burger buns with fish fillets as they differ in their flavor and baking ingredients. You can get smoked fish fillet using the best electric smoker or a griddle at home. If you would love to have a taste of the best, below are some great options for you.

Lobster roll

Lobster roll

This very tasty lobster roll has a steamed lobster fill inside the toasted bun. If you love the unique taste of lobster, you will surely cherish this combination of lobster and toasted bun. It doesn’t require much for preparation apart from the usual creamy and flavor additions. Toasted bun lobster is certainly a great sandwich any lover of baked buns will appreciate.

Bagnat sandwich with Tuna

Bagnat sandwich with Tuna

Here is another great burger bun with parsley, anchovies, and Tuna. This combination provides a unique taste different from the usual tuna on what you use to know. It is ideal for backyard suppers, picnics, and any other outdoor activities. Interestingly, it doesn’t take a lot of time to make in case you want to bake one yourself.

Fish burger buns

Fish burger buns

This is a fried salmon fish garnished to taste with pepper slaw. It is made with spicy slaw, punchy tartar sauce, and tempura batter. When filled in your burger, it provides a rich taste you will definitely appreciate.

Smoked Salmon Smorrebod

Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød

Here comes another excellent burger bun with fish fillet. This one is a Scandinavian sandwich starched with smoked salmon and sour cream. The presence of salmon in the bun already gives it a rich taste coupled with its creamy fill.

Sardine Tartines and Piquillo Pepper

Sardine Tartines and Piquillo Pepper

The crunchy toast appetizer is made with savory sardines and roasted piquillo peppers. With a little bit of spicy Sriracha, you will get exactly the level of heat you want in the bun.

There are several other types of smoked burger buns with fish fillets such as clippers, salmon burgers, and Creole Crab Burgers. You just have to try out different ones to know which filled bun has the best taste for you.

It may surprise you that your favorite bakery product has a long history that dates back a few centuries ago. Yes, Bagel is one of the oldest breakfast foods in North America, but it actually comes from Poland.

The staple breakfast meal is a popular breakfast food that has its origin in Poland in the 17th century. When it was first made in their Jewish communities, it was initially molded by hand and made to form a ring. The name “Bagel” was derived from “beygal”, a German Yishish word that means bracelet or ring. This is because of its ring design.

The design

Its common ring design has been this way since it was first made but the bread is now available in different flavors. Apart from the benefit of ensuring an evenly cooked bagel, the small hole at the center of bagel provides easier handling for those displaying them for sale.

Bagel now a staple food in the US

These days, they have become a staple breakfast in the US and other parts of Europe. Although it still maintains the same shape it was originally made, there has been a lot of improvement in its cooking. Present day bagels are first boiled for a few minutes before they are properly baked in an oven or a grill. This makes them chewy and dense for consumption.

Varieties of Bagel

There are several other varieties of this staple breakfast food in the US and other European countries. They are available in different flavors, both frozen and fresh. Bagel has even found its way to Japan and Asia. It was brought to Japan by BagelK, a New York-based company. The company created different flavors of the food for the Japan market such as red onion, tomato, capers, and cheese cream.

Bagels are excellent for spreads. You have a wide range of options when it comes to adding flavors to your bagel. You can include peanut butter, poppy seeds, onions, veggies, and other ingredients and flavors to provide your own unique taste.

If you are looking to make the bagel food for your family meal, below is a quick guide to help you do it right.

Preparation process

Contrary to what some people believe, bagels are really simple to prepare. Yes, you may feel the boiling process is a little strange, but it’s all in the process of making it look tastier and crunchy.

Before doing any other thing, heat a little amount of water and put your rolled bagel in it. Leave it for about 3 minutes before removing in preparation for baking. Below are the basic steps to take when preparing a bagel

Mix all ingredients

Mix the yeast, sugar, salt, water, flour, and any other ingredient you want to add. Knead and keep the dough for about 40 minutes to rise. You can mix and knead the ingredients with a hand, a heavy duty mixer, a food processor, or a bread machine.

Roll the dough into the right shape and create a hole in the bagel. Keep the dough for another 30 minutes to rise for the second time.

Boil the bagel for about 2 minutes. Now remove from water and bake to the required level or until the bagel becomes golden brown.

The above is a simple method of preparing your bagel. You can add other ingredients or flavors to make yours unique and tastier. Do not be worried when the bagel taste from your first attempt is not as good as the ones you buy regularly. With time you will get better and start feeling like a pro.


There are certainly different types of bagel to meet your taste whether in the morning or late in the evening. This well-baked bread pastry with a little hole at the center has become a staple breakfast food among so many Americans. Whether you want your bagel flavored with sweet chocolate or fruit, there are lots of options for you.

Different flavored bagels

Cinnamon raisin bagels

Cinnamon raisin bagels

These are common foods for those with a sweet tooth. They are mixed with cinnamon to provide that unique and sweet taste of cinnamon.

Plain bagels

Plain bagels

If you would love something quite normal with little-added flavors, you can go for the plain bagels. These ones are made to have a sandwich or delicious cream feelings in them.

Fish filled bagels

Fish filled bagels

If you love salmons and want to combine it with your bagel, it is possible. This will make it look like a fish-filled a sandwich. They are very tasty when you fill them or combine them with seafood.  Fish filled bagels may not be very common in all supermarkets, but you can prepare it yourself. It’s not really that difficult to prepare and bake.

Salty bagel mixed with a sweet flavor

Salty bagel mixed with a sweet flavor

If you are one of the types who love anything strawberry, you can garnish your bagel with strawberry cream to enjoy best of both worlds. This will give you a rich taste of both strawberry and bagel at the same time.

Bagel with tofu cream or plain cheese cream

Bagel with tofu cream or plain cheese cream

This is for those who don’t really want to explore several other favorable options. If you are satisfied with your normal bagel with little of no flavors, you can go for a plain bagel with tofu cream or cheese cream. It will give you the chance to take something unique but still able to recognize your bagel taste.

The above are some of the different types of bagel and their flavors. There are others that are not mentioned here. Just try to explore as much as you want until you get the desired taste combination you love most.